A Blog in Verse

With the chirp of the birds and the buzz of the bees

And a deep set pain resting in our knees

We made our way through the many trees 

Going on our way down an enormous hill

What words could I possibly use to have described

The tumultuous feelings I felt being inscribed 

Walking around with a sense of forlorn pride 

Going on our way down an enormous hill

Our days were long

Finding wonders and listening to nature’s song

Picking up rocks and finding out that we were wrong 

Up on a hill named after civilization

Picking up bronze that had aged to bright green

I would venture to say that we became quite lean

Frying in heat that made us all want to scream 

Up on a hill named after civiliazation

Melted and fired by the sun

Some parts of our souls began to run

Coalescing and now we are much more than one 

In our crucible of companionship 

Time here has quickly passed 

After all earthly things never do seem to last 

And it is in this time that a family has been cast 

In our crucible of companionship 

Families are much like metal

It does not matter where they settle 

As long as they are together they are strong

And so can we be

It is strange how this family was built using tools of destruction

But then again things must be broken to undergo recronstruction

Pieces can never be joined if they never have an introduction

And so can we be 

For our time up on the hill is done 

And a chunk of our lives has been sorely won

I must admit it was really fun

And so it has been 
I have seen the beauty in what is enlightened by other people’s suns

             Michael Corigliano
Love you mom and dad