“Guys, let’s light a fire. . .”

Spoiler Alert: There were never any REAL fires on The Hill. 

Spoiler Alert #2: This blog is coming to you from the mischievous minds of the teachers! First and foremost, HI MOM AND DAD! LOVE YOU!

Still dreaming of the facsinating evening in Siena at Il Palio (See Corinne’s blog for the deets on that one), the 5:40AM wake up was even harsher than usual. Luckily, claiming “teacher status,” Ms. Gorman and Ms. Cordia were granted the luxury of a car ride half way up The Hill. The extra time meant actually savoring  the crossiant and coffee breakfast rather than inhaling it while hiking. Feeling a bit more energized, the day began with our standard routine: grabbing the tools and sorting the soil. 

After a few hours of good work, Tony visited Trenchetta and “suggested” that we extend the trench by two meters. Ms. Gorman agreed, noting that we have the power to accomplish a hardy extension in the next two days. Settled on the new plan, all before the morning cookie break, we were able to tringalute, clear, take opening photos, get opening elevation, AND pick the newest addition to Trenchetta–Locus 6! Yes, we are now a well-oiled, archeology machine. 

As Mr. Carroll lead the troops through the soil sorting in Locus 6, Ms. Gorman kept everyone in motion, swapping out buckets and running the wheelbarrow to the dirt dump. Before lunch, the team had successfully cleared through two pick passes, finding small bits of terracotta and pottery. At this point, some of you (Dan and Serena Cordia) may be wondering “Where was Ms. Cordia as all the hard work was occurring?” She was napping.

Kidding, of course! While the team continued their progress through Locus 6 in the extension, Ms. Cordia flew solo in Locus 4, mastering the skills of baulk walling and defining rocks. Although she claims that a few rocks bit her, it appears as though Ms. Cordia has found her new calling. Even master archeologists such as Megan Gorman and Andrew Carroll sang her praises! 

With such an eventful morning, it is safe to say the Regis Jeusit crew was more than ready for a break when lunch was finally called. Unfortunately, today’s 30 minutes raced by, and suddenly we were back in action. Feeling quite tired, the afternoon routine of soil sorting and bulk walling  was extremely challenging. Mixed in with the conversations about music, bee stings, movies, and pick up lines, Ms. Gorman and Ms. Cordia could be heard using the teacher voice, instructing the kiddos to “light a fire” and “get a move on it” in hopes of keeping Trenchmaster Carroll appeased. It worked, and the group was able to get through another three pick passes before the end of the day! 

Approaching 7PM, we have rotated through showers, enjoyed copious afternoon snacks, and gotten through some laundry. It is onto dinner, and then, a hopefully restful sleep before our last day with Trenchetta on The Hill. 

 Peace, Love, and Trowels, 

Ms. Cordia and Ms. Gorman 


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