I woke up at the slightly better time of 5:40 am to get ready for the day. It didn’t make it any easier. We all still rushed to breakfast and up the hill, of which I’ve still not become accustomed to. I don’t think there’s been a day where something in my body hasn’t hurt. But whether or not I was ready for it, we started the day anyway. 

Our day consisted of creating a trench within a trench. Our (or should I say Mr.Carroll’s) reasoning for doing so was to see what was under the cluster of rocks that could or could not be a shepard’s road of some kind. After picking and finding more bronze pieces and tacks, we ate a quick lunch and set back to work. Our workday ended slowly as we cleaned the trench for morning pictures for the new Locus. Throughout the day everyone was surprisingly quiet. The college kids were spread out and we were devastatingly tired. But if the grand scheme of things is of any importance, we only have 3 more days up on the hill, and 6 in Italy.

We walked down the hill straight into a lecture given by Tony (or Dr. Turk as you might know him). The lecture was quite interesting but I confess that I had more trouble staying awake then anything. The Mag was cool and dark and what can I say- it sounds exactly like the bedroom back home. Much to our joy (seriously, there was legitimate cheering), instead of walking home, Mr.Carroll and Mrs. Gorman picked us up in the car to go on a grocery run. (The last part of the day was fairly typical: home, showers, reflection, dinner, and gelato)

Speaking of groceries, and more importantly food, I can tell you want a good part of our conversations have been about.

Food. Not just any food, American food. Fast food. Beautiful food that is soaked, soaked in salt. I’m pretty sure we’re all suffering from sodium deficiency. No matter what, we’ll sweat it all off in the 8 and a half hour workday. And Italy, for some reason, must have something against salt because it is in nothing, so that doesn’t make it any better. This usually occurs before lunch, during lunch, hours before dinner, and any other time that it suits us. It mostly consists of what we what on our burgers and I know for a fact one of us has mentioned wanting a salt lick. Let’s just say we crave chips like none other. So to sum in up in one sentence about how we feel:

We’re salty about the lack of salt.


One thought on “Salt

  1. Chips and salsa when you get back! Love the blog posts – you guys are learning and experiencing a ton. Enjoy!

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