The Perfect Morning

The day began with a nice, easy start. We were allotted the proper time for waking up at our own leisure, relaxing for a bit, and getting fully ready to conquer the great day ahead of us. After walking around in the heat all day yesterday, this relaxing morning was such a relief. The grandest of breakfasts was prepared for us. It was one which was both fulfilling and enjoyable. Given our perfect start to the day, we were all in the best of moods and had wonderful, family like conversation throughout the morning. The rest of the day followed suit. 

If only that was how it actually happened! Instead of that peaceful, natural morning I spoke of, I was awoken by my jarring alarm clock sound at 5:50 AM. This gave several other students that woke up at a similar time and myself roughly ten minutes to get ready for the day and walk to the breakfast spot. After the rush we arrived at breakfast, where I had just enough time to spread jam on my bread and snag a banana before we continued our walk up to the dig site. While the walk is usually long and hard, the lack of awareness in my tired mind made it somewhat bearable. Eventually, after 25 minutes or so, we arrived up at the hill where we began our work.

Now, for those that have followed the past blog posts (although I do not know if this actually has been mentioned), you may know we have typically gotten up to the hill at 8:00 AM. Starting today though, the start time for work became 7:00 AM. While the early start was not the most fun of adventures, it did allow us to enjoy a cool hour of working in the shade before the burning sun began beating down. 

The rest of the day was a fairly normal dig day involving a lot of pick-axing and scraping our trench. We actually found several great objects throughout the day! First, Corinne found a rock! Then, I found a slightly larger rock! Then Bri found a gray rock! Then Kiana found a slightly dirty rock! Then Michael followed our pattern, but not for too long. Pretty soon Michael saw a glint of green in the dirt. With some careful and precise digging, he pulled out a bronze disk. It is unknown at this time what the disk may be, but some have speculated it to be a coin or part of a fibula. Besides this thrilling find, we also found a great amount of terracota and pottery fragments. 

Despite not having the perfect morning I discussed earlier, our day was still fantastic and fulfilling. With our finds from digging on our minds, we are able to look back upon the day with a sense of great satisfaction. While the finds were great, the greatest satisfaction of the day came from the fun we had with one another. As touched upon before, this home is truly becoming a family. From our comedic jabs to the well oiled machine that is our work site, we have discovered a sense of community that allows us to cultivate a happy, fun, and loving environment. The fact that we get this sense of community while digging in Italy only makes it so much better.

 All of us are extremely excited for the rest of the trip, and I’m sure we will have a great many more stories to tell, but for now, I’m out. See ya!


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Morning

  1. After reading all of these blog posts, I’m so impressed with the great writing! Nicely done! I love being able to have this window into your adventure.

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