Good Food and Great Company

One would hardly think that rising early on a Saturday is unenjoyable, and I would generally agree with them.  However, this was not just any Saturday.   I knew that this Saturday contained a experience of sun and good company in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.  So, today I woke up with anticipation not indignation.  Today we went up to the dig site to get some more excavating under our belts.  There was a sense of peace up on the hill without the university students’ shrill quips.  Patchy sunlight fell to the ground mingling with the multitude of natural sounds that reached our quiet labor.  At about noon we returned from our labor to the house, where we were planning to shower and change.  Unfortunately, after four of us had made our trip to the shower, we lost the water pressure, and showering was made impossible.  Those who had not showered were disappointed to say the least.  We would not leave until they had showered and so we waited.  The water would not come on for another six hours.  Fortunately, the hotel in town graciously offered their facilities to us so that people could shower.  After about another hour, we left for the museum in Murlo to embark on a scavenger hunt that had been prepared for us.  Almost all of us were able to complete the scavenger hunt.  This exercise taught us to examine all that we saw closely, for you could never know where another item would be found.  In this way, we have traveled further down our path in the study of ancient humans.  One must have keen eyes to observe the truth in what he sees.  After this and a short respite at the hotel, we traveled to a restaurant in Monteroni, home of the best gelato that I have ever had.  The restaurant was equally good, rivaling all of the delicious food I have had in Italy.  Mirth was abundant and consequentially, so was our laughter.  We ended tonight with a healthy serving of gelato and companionship.  The laughter shared among us is sweeter than any dessert.


Michael Corigliano

(Love you mom and dad!) 


4 thoughts on “Good Food and Great Company

  1. What am I chopped liver??? I love ya Michael keep having fun. I miss you like crazy! I can’t wait to see you and hear all your stories! Be safe.

  2. Michael, your writing is beautiful and it reveals your intelligence and ability. Very interesting! It kept my interest and you all are excellent writers. I’m glad that you’re enjoying this educational trip. Love you.

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