Yay for Friday

Yay for Friday! We started off by waking up just a tad bit late (I mean, the girls room was freezing and we were tired, so can you blame us?) and heading out of the house to eat breakfast with the rest of the dig for the first time. Breakfast was similar to what we’ve been having for the last week: fruit, yogurt, coffee etc (although one guy brought peanut butter and I was extremely jealous-I had sadly forgotten mine). Afterwards we set off on the long trek up the hill, which was much easier considering we didn’t have to carry up huge water buckets and stadia rods. A quick side note: Coco did have a bit of an injury on the way up the hill (holes are tricky little devils), but it was minor and she was back on her feet shortly after. 

As you have heard already, we found Locus 2 just the day before, so our task was to make everything look nice and neat, but realistic, and take pictures of the trench (lovingly named Trenchetta). Then, to my dismay, after having so carefully cleaned everywhere and being extra careful of where we stepped, Mr.Carroll informed us that we would be continuing digging, which meant the smooth surface we had cleaned had to once again be tore up and sorted.

Oh, and dirt can be clean. A different connotation of clean, sure, but clean nonetheless. And we pride ourselves on keeping that dirt ACAP (as clean as possible)

In sorting Locus 2, we found the bow of a fibulae (when you think fibulae, think glorified safety pin), a piece of ridged pottery, and a tack head. Bones and plenty of terracotta also came up, but the things previously mentioned are classified as special finds. But, what we found the most of…

Was dirt. Heh, sorry. Other than dirt, we found lots of tree roots (due to the lovely tree in our trench) and rocks, large rocks. We had lunch, with salami and cheese sandwiches and apples (I have yet to eat a food in Italy that I haven’t loved). After lunch we came back to Trenchetta, and starting (a surprise to everyone) digging. As more and more rocks came up in our digging, all of the sudden we came upon Locus 3 (Yay!!). We ended our day by clearing a bit of dirt up to take pictures for Locus 3 in the morning.

We walked down the hill, thankfully, into the car to get gelato. It.was.amazing. The best gelato, I think we can all agree, we’ve had so far. A quick trip to restock on groceries, and we went home to run through showers.

Future plans include: wifi, relaxing, dinner, and more relaxing/getting ready for the day tomorrow. Love to all, and talk to you tomorrow ❤


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