Broken Ground!

Ciao Tutti!!  

Ms. Gorman and Ms. Cordia reporting!  We figured we’d take a break from our regularly scheduled ‘Cow-Deer’ game to write to you all.  Today was a very productive, long, and dirty day.  We started with our normal breakfast at the apartment of yogurt and fruit and then made the long trek up to site (1.8 miles to be exact).  The students conquered the hill while Ms. Cordia and Ms.  Gorman made it up…eventually…  

Our dig day continued on as yesterday had, setting up the grid and clearing the excavation area of vegetation.  The students were excited to be right back in the thick of it clearing away space with machetes and hand saws (don’t worry they were supervised!). Right before lunch we delineated the extent of our trench and set up the baselines.  Our trench is situated in the space between the buildings of EPOCH 4 (Early Phase Orientalizing Period) and the ‘non elite’ structures to the west (from the Orientalizing).  Our question for this excavation season centers around 1. trying to learn more about the relationship between the ‘non elite’ structure to the west and the buildings of EPOCH 4 2. To understand better the development of the area around the well that was excavated last year.  After the trench was marked out the students learned how to take elevations and then it was time for lunch. 

 With our bellies full of food and our energies renewed we headed back to the trench and broke ground!  Mr. Carroll gave the group a tutorial on how to wield a pick axe and then Kianna and Corinne showed us how it really ought to be done.  After a round of pick axing, the group cleared away the dirt looking for finds but so far we’ve only come away with rocks.  We headed from site down to the Magazzino where the teachers built some more shelves and the students cleaned and sorted artefacts.   All in all it was a busy busy day.  According to my step counter we walked almost 6 miles, still not our high 9.25 miles in Siena but close!  


3 thoughts on “Broken Ground!

  1. Wow! It all sound amazing. What a process. I am a little concerned that Kiana and Coco are stepping up at pick-axe experts….

  2. These posts are quickly becoming my favorite nighttime read! Love that the girls are becoming pros in the use of clearing tools. Patience is key. Can’t wait to hear about what you find!

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