First Day of the Dig 

The life of an archaeologist is rarely one of distinction, but it should be.  The people who study the past can often predict the future.  The study of archaeology is more than that of pulling ancient rock out of the ground, it is a study of the human condition.  How can we know ourselves without studying the lives of those who came before us?  Beyond that, I do believe that most people cannot fathom the amount of work that goes into making a simple trench.  There is a large amount work that goes into the preparation of a dig site, which surprisingly, involves math (go figure).  Today we battled the greenery of an Italian forest, along with some very pesky bugs, in order to set up a grid  so that we may start digging at some point tomorrow.  Using a surveyor (Mr. Carroll) a squadron of plant clippers (us kids) and a lot of groaning, we were able to push back plant life from what is steadily becoming our dig site.  Plants with thorns are abundant in our Italian forest, and this would be fine if it were not for the fact that our dig site is surrounded by these painful plants.  Barbed and at the ready, these plants left no one unscathed.   What the plants could not accomplish, the sun and bugs did.  Let it suffice to say that most of us are considerably itchier than we were before our time today at the dig.  All of these things aside, I had a great time.  We are slowly to but surely turning our lot into a family, our condo into a home, and our work into a passion.                   Ciao,

Michael Corigliano

(Love you mom and dad!)


2 thoughts on “First Day of the Dig 

  1. So glad the first day was a success – besides the itchy and torn skin. Here’s to hoping that you find some interesting things during the dig! Regardless the whole process will be amazing.

  2. Hang in there you all! Some pain (and itch) now, but hopefully big gain in the field. We love the blog and pictures! Keep them coming. Big hugs and kisses! (Love and miss you too Michael!)

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