Note to reader:

If you are attempting to sleep in the giant Fiat we have acquired; be cautious, for at any given moment “Cow-Deer” may be shouted throughout the car.

No, it is not because Mr. Carroll has mowed over a strange hybrid animal. The screaming is due to a highly competitive game created by our chaperones. Every time a deer or cow sign is spotted on the side of the road whoever calls out the signs first, gets a point. However, the rules are constantly evolving to prevent anyone, other than yourself, from gaining too many points. 

Florence time. 

Now I didn’t get to see much of the countryside on the drive up to Florence because I was a tad asleep…or maybe out cold. It’s a side affect of jetlag. But something very interesting about jetlag is that it makes everything kinda feel like dream, which is appropriate for the surreal beauty of Florence. It’s a seemingly modernized city and appears to be just like any other until you come upon the Duomo. It’s straight out of a fairytale. The serpentine and white marble is striped across the Tuscan style cathedral and baptistry. Sculptures were dotted across the outside walls. It was incredibly beautiful. The juxtaposition of the busy streets and the serenity of the Duomo was unlike anything you could see in the States. We visited a toy store, got gelato, of course, and walked though streets dating back to the medieval period. We paraded though the open-air leather markets where we managed to not lose a single member of the party. Then we ventured though the town to find the love of Miss Cordia’s life, a beautiful grey leather crossbody bag, at a leather store where other members of our party also fell in love with reasonably priced handbags. We experienced the glory of public transportation and ventured back to the car where I took another nap. 

And now the day is coming to an end and I just attempted to eat an entire pizza and listened to Patrick and Michael sing 25 verses of “Little Red Wagon.” All in all today has been magical and I am incredibly thankful for this trip and the people that I have the privilege to spend it with.       


*Teacher Note: Tomorrow we will not be driving as much which means we will be able to post some pictures then. Thanks for following


4 thoughts on “Cow-Deer 

  1. I have heard Florence is so beautiful, and your posts really help us imagine it! So glad everyone is having such a wonderful time.

  2. Mr. Carroll must be a saint to drive around with you guys yelling Cow-Deer!
    Glad you like Florence – one of my all time favorite cities in the whole world! More importantly, I’m glad you didn’t manage to misplace a group member in the hectic leather market. Successful day I would say! Thanks for the vivid pictures you guys have painted so far.

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