Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day… But It Would Have Been If Mr. Carroll Was In Charge

The last night at Vescovado di Murlo was sadly the end of our time at the dig, but the beginning of our time at Rome.  The past two days have gone by extremely quickly, so quickly in fact, that it has felt like one continuous day.  After leaving from Vescovado, we headed towards the Tarquinian necropolis, an Etruscan burial site.  The entire hill was littered with subterranean tombs, many of them containing intact frescoes.  Tarquinia was definitely worth seeing, but it did not compare to Rome. Yesterday we got a glimpse of Rome, and already it was mind blowing.  For me, seeing the coliseum for the first time was almost dreamlike, it was too amazing to be true. The Roman Forum, the Victor Emmanuel Building, and the Pantheon were also a lot to take in.  That was just one day.  Today began with Holy Mass at the Pantheon itself.  After Mass, we were able to see the interior of the Pantheon and see Roman genius in its design.  From there, we went to the Roman forum, which in itself contained history from the monarchy of Rome to the Republic and to the end of the Empire.  We were able to see the Arch of Titus, an arch that we talked about in Latin countless times.  Afterwards we went to see La Chiesa di Gesu, the Church of Jesus, the church that Saint Ignatius built. All around, the church was a beauty.  Next stop was the interior of the Coliseum, which was more amazing to see in person than in books or on television. It’s crazy to think that that was once a center in which thousands came to see bloodshed. Our time in Rome has gone by quickly, yet it feels like so long with the sheer amount of things we’ve seen in a short amount of time.

– Rudy


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