il Palio but from Vescovado

Today was very different from what we normally do, but it was honestly one of my favorite days thus far. We worked a half day up on the hill, all in different trenches. It was Rudy’s turn to help in the well, and that trench filled another 11 milk cartons of pottery! Emma and I helped in two different trenches, but we were both working to dig further down into the soil as well as continue to bulk the walls of the trenches. After our four hour shift on the hill, our group went down to the magazino and met Steve and Beth (the sites conservators). They taught us the methods of archaeological conservation, and we spent another five hours in the mag working on dry brushing, wet brushing, and swabbing artifacts to clean dirt off of them and prep them for cataloging and eventual storing inside the magazino’s artifact room. I personally really enjoyed this aspect of archeology, and my favorite part of the day was getting to clean the dirt off a glass bead that turned out to be an awesome shade of blue. Since today was Palio day and most of Murlo was away for the race, we all had a quiet and relaxing dinner at Libridinoso, with a delicious strawberry tiramisu for dessert.



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