Saturday Workday

Today was Saturday, so the college kids and staff had off and didn’t have to work. Naturally, this meant that Mr. Carroll made us work alone on top of Poggio. Granted, we only had a half day of work, and it was actually fun. Because we were finally done with de-backfilling, we got to open Mr. Carroll’s trench for the season. We started off by expanding his previous year’s trench north and loosening the top soil so we could look to see what was there. Similar to yesterday, we were sorting dirt and rocks. There were some fairly large terracotta pieces, but the real find was made by Rudy who came across a piece of pottery with a blue-ish glaze on it. Mr. Carroll identified it as something that was most likely medieval in nature because of this glaze. It was marked as a “special find” and sent down to the Mag (also called the Magazzino which is the Italian word for “store room.” This is where people try to reassemble the terracotta pieces that are found and analyze the findings.) After that we continued to sort through the dirt until we got down a couple more centimeters and decided to call it a day. We came home to a lunch of pizza and had a restful afternoon which was much needed after this very full week.


P.S. For all those wondering, we have not yet found dinosaur bones.


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