Friday at last

It has been a full week since we’ve landed in Rome but it feels like a long time ago. After a week of exploring museums and de-backfilling trenches we finally began to do some archeology! Not to say that exploring museums or de-backfilling is dull, but nevertheless digging up artifacts dating over two thousand years is very exciting. But before we could do that, we had to finish digging out trenches from last year’s excavation. This last trench that we dug out was by far the deepest, widest, longest, and for all intents and purposes, the biggest. What started as a small task turned into a massive project with half the work force concentrating on this one are. So large was it, in fact, that the group split into two and worked towards “meeting in the middle”. Lunch came shortly after uniting the two openings. Lunch gave us that extra boost to finally complete the trench and clear out the remaining debris and mud. After finishing this great venture, we were able to start excavating near an Etruscan well. At first it was a bit disheartening to sort dirt from rocks but it soon became interesting after finding fragments of pottery. Sadly this was towards the end of the day and soon we had to leave, but the good news is that we can continue to dig tomorrow.



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