Day 3- Debackfilling

We had another fantastic and productive day on the hill today. We started our morning by having breakfast with all of the university students and getting to know them. After a short meal, our delegation went up the hill to continue working on de-backfilling the trenches from the 2014 season. We spent about two hours pick-axing, shoveling, and clawing up the dirt to be moved away to a “dumping site” with wheelbarrows and buckets. It was physically exhausting work, but it felt really good to watch the tarp marking last seasons trench depth slowly grow larger in area. We were then joined by another small group of college students who helped us excavate the dirt for another two hours or so. After that, we took a short and well earned break for lunch and to rest and look out at the gorgeous Tuscan countryside. After lunch, we joined up with the group of first year students for a talk on the history of Poggio Civitate and a tour of the local archeology museum in Murlo. It was amazing to see just how many artifacts from Poggio Civitate were displayed, and it makes me really excited to think that I will have the opportunity to add to a collection almost 50 years in the making. After a very exhausting day, we are all looking forward to enjoying a delicious bowl of gelato.



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