First Day on the Hill

It came sooner than all of us expected, but today we started working on the site! “Scujo” definitely helped going up and down today. The site was so much bigger than we thought. The ruined structures were more distinct than person than in pictures we had seen. Even Mr. Carroll was astonished today during the site tour. Down the hill, major harvesting had occurred, leaving behind a large exposed area. Shortly thereafter we returned from the hill and we helped with rolling up the tennis court carpet which was heavier than looked because of the all the soil that had washed up on it. This is an area of excavation happening in conjunction with the excavations on the hill. Lunch finally arrived and the pasta was gone in no time. Back on the hill after lunch, Mr. Carroll assigned us to move fragments from Etruscan terracotta roofing from a future dig spot to a more sterile spot on the site. The task did not seem so difficult, because it wasn’t , it was just very tedious. It was tedious to differentiate the terracotta from the rock. By the end we were experts at determining the difference between terracotta and rock and at avoiding various subterranean insects. But this endeavor was not fruitless as it may seem; we gained experience at categorizing items for when we begin excavating as well as moving the terracotta fragments. The rest of the day was spent clearing vegetation from site. We even got a chance to swing an ax to fall some of the trees. In the end, we were tired and a little exhausted, but more importantly we were excited for more.



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