It’s hard to believe that Tuscany, while containing such small, isolated towns like Siena, also has large bustling cities like any other region. When we arrived in Florence, it was incredible to see the sheer number of people who were walking, sight-seeing, and …. selfie-sticking (the last of which none of us were too pleased with). It was a relief then to arrive at the Florence Archeology Museum (FAM for short), which held an amazing number of both pottery and bronze work that previous archaeologists had found. The most amazing thing, to me at least, was watching the progression of the artifacts overtime as we went through the exhibits. Mr. Carroll explained to us how in earlier times, geometric decorations were favored but as the culture progressed, many Etruscan earth-wares began to tell stories and myths that they “stole” from other Mediterranean cultures such as the Greeks and Romans. After the FAM, we stopped for a quick bite of food and then went to another museum, the Palazzo Strozzi, that had a traveling exhibit focused on Hellenistic bronze statues. There were also some stone heads which were made of a material that looked remarkably like bronze. It was definitely worth it, not only because the exhibit provided a good view of ancient bronze statues, but it was fun to watch the chaperones “nerd out” as they traveled through the array of bronze. After that, everyone was exhausted and as we got into “Scujo,” we proceeded to get lost for a little bit less than an hour. While amusing at times, we were all relived to finally find our way onto the highway and not re-enter Florence for the third time. We then sat down to eat a dinner prepared by our own Magister Carroll and discuss the day. Overall, we enjoyed the museums and (after a good night’s sleep), we will be ready for a brand new day tomorrow!



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