Blera, Cosa, San Giovonale

“Buon Giorno!” The first day (and a half) began after a long airplane ride with Signore Carroll welcoming us to Rome with his *slightly* over-sized Scujo. First stop: San Giovonale home of an Italian medieval castle and Etruscan ruins. Fredrick Tobin, a very educated colleague of Mr. Carroll, showed us around Necropolis, the “city” where the ancient Etruscans laid their dead. Cosa was next on the list, where a Roman city grew out of a military outpost. A tour given by Mr. Carroll himself led from an active archaeological site to remnants of a Roman mystery cult to a breathtaking view from a ruined temple. The Romans sure knew how to live! The first day was a mind blowing experience; all of us were exhausted by the end of the day. The next day took our group to Siena. One entering the city could see the medieval walls. The Scujo was too large to fits between through the main entrance, so we parked outside and then climbed to the city via an enormous flight of stairs. It was more than worth it. The city was gorgeous. The size of the Palazzo Pubblico along with il Compo was humbling. We explored an old Hospital converted into a museum. The real treasure was in the basement with various sarcophagi, ceramics, and tools dating as far back as the 7th century B.C. The Duomo had many frescoes and mosaics of Biblical and mythological scenes. Overall, this group is having an amazing time. Can not wait for Florence tomorrow. Ciao for now!



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