Day 13: All roads lead here -Roma

We spent our last day in Rome. It is an extremely beautiful city, full of people and wonderful buildings and street vendors and statues and one column that even said Clemens! The only downside was that it smelled, but we got used to that pretty quick. We then walked through the Roman Forum. This was an amazing series of buildings. Domitian’s palace, the Arch of Titus, about a million shrines and temples, and a hallway where Nero supposedly committed suicide. So many buildings in such a small area is incredible to see. After the Roman Forum we went to see the Coliseum. That was a fun place, really cool to see the entire dug out bottom that Domitian made. Then we went to the Gesu, the very first church that St. Ignatius founded as a Jesuit. That was extremely relaxing. I enjoyed the Gesu the most, I think. Our last tourist stop in this trip was to the Pantheon. This was easily the most aesthetically impressive of our four main stops. The giant dome from the inside is incredibly cool. We wandered the city for the few more hours after the Pantheon and had the most satisfying pasta dinner of this entire trip. That was our day. It was very walk-heavy, my feet hurt, I’m exhausted, but I couldn’t be gladder I went on this trip. Thanks for everything Mr. Carroll and Mr. Lechuga. You guys are the best.



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