Day 12: All quiet on the First Locus

​As all enjoyable and wholesome activities do, our brief but exciting time in the trench ended today. However, the day was not without some great finds. Teddy discovered a pieced of bronze, which could have been worked. Mr. Lechuga, summoned a rare piece of coil pottery, perhaps from the iron age. Closing the trench was an poignant time for us, for each bucket full of dirt had deepened not only the trench, but our bond with the hill and each other.
​After cleaning up as much as four teenage boys would be expected to, we returned to Siena. We revisited the quintessential medieval town to view the preliminary races for the Palio: a horse race between the 14 “neighborhoods” of Florence. We were packed as closely as two metaphors in a novel by Hemmingway. It was sweaty, rowdy, loud, and most importantly, a blast! Thereafter, the gang dinned in a restaurant, whose quality of food will be sorely missed back home, and returned to Vescavado, ready to take on Rome tomorrow!



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