Day 9- Saturday Work Day

In his anger at the selfishness of Mr. Lechuga’s archaeology processes, Joey forgot to mention that yesterday was the birthday of our esteemed Rob. He turned 17 yesterday, just as I did today. In other news, we dug quite a bit in our little trench today. It gave me a small birthday present and presented two small shards of pottery. Mr. Lechuga, thankfully, did not dash our dreams among the dirt as much today as yesterday-he only found about half a million pieces of terra cotta today. We only dug for about half a day, but apparently that was enough to keep everyone asleep when it was clearly museum time. It’s like these guys hate fun. We only had Teddy disappear once today on some adventure through Vescovado, and he left the room key with us. Progress, Teddy, progress is being made. Mr. Carroll impressed us all with his culinary skills, cooking an amazing pasta dinner with peppers and sausage. It was a great day.



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