Day 8 “Doing the Dirty”

Since the plants had taken enough punishment, today we broke ground. We dug our 4 by 2 meter trench using a pickaxe to break up the ground and our hands to sort through and remove the dirt. Since we only got through the topsoil for the most part, not many artifacts were expected. We found 15+ pieces of terracotta roofing tiles and a few pieces of pottery.

Mr. Lechuga discovered a disturbingly large amount of these, and we have agreed that he is the worst, simply the worst. What man in his late twenties would mercilessly dash the preverbal dreams of children into the cold hard trench? Lechuga.

Though it is hard to get past the trauma perpetrated by the monster outlined above, we had a blast! Mr. Carroll was assigned two second-year students to learn from and assist him. They are a wealth of information offering the finer points of Archeology, from how to dig properly to “Don’t step there!”

I believe I speak for us all when I type, “Tuscany is a soothing country with an atmosphere that is complex, but undeniably picturesque, encompassing striking landscape with delicious native food.” Everyday we grow into fuller people, appreciating this adventure, our loving and supportive parents, and the benevolent Imperator Carroll. All the while preparing to take Mr. Lechuga down for his unprecedented, and perturbing ability to find terracotta. After all accidents happen all the time with such sharp tools around.




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