Day 6- Work on the hill

Day 6: First day on the Hill


Our sixth day in Italy was our first up on the hill; we started a day earlier than the college students. The first task of the day was to clear a sight line into the dense jungle brush from and old dig site to where the new one would be. Through the judicious use of shears, bow saws, and a claw like machete, we delved the twenty meters in. From there came the hard part, we had to clear out a large area to fit several four by four meter large trenches for the whole dig to use. While the forest fought valiantly, especially the vines, in the end it succumbed to defeat, by lunch we had half the area we needed cleared and the underbrush was slowly disappearing. Following a quick lunch break, we took the survey equipment up to find the exact location of the dig site in relation the zero point on the hill. Then came the rains. Washing out pathways made clearing sightlines difficult but the final nail in the coffin came from the surveyor’s need to be dry to function. Tomorrow we march against the hill once more.




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