Day 5- Mag and Hill

Today was our fifth day in Italy. We started with a late-ish breakfast, and walked up to the magazino. The mag is a collection of everything in Poggio Civitate that is first brought to the mag, recorded into the database, and stored. Anything that isn’t in the museo is stored in the conservation room, where we went. No previous setup for the mag or the dig site had been completed yet, and we were some of the first to step in there since last summer. The stuff in the conservation room was interesting, especially the animal jaw and inscription of a name in Etruscan. Tony seemed to be able to talk about each piece for hours on end if he had them. Eventually we went up to the dig site, and looked at the places that had been dug in before, and the spot we would dig our trench. Apparently it’s normal for a group of trenches, or sometimes one single trench, to have an enormous pile of terra cotta fragments next to the trench. Mr. Carroll explained that the mag conservation room simply isn’t big enough to hold all of the terra cotta that’s found, and they aren’t really huge finds. After that, we were on our own for about 3 or 4 hours, then we watched the Italy-Uruguay World Cup game. Italy lost, unfortunately. Dinner was delicious, as usual. However on the way home I thought Mr. Lechuga was going to die from laughing too hard… No need to worry though, he’s totally okay, but still slightly giggling.




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