A Visit to Siena- Day 2

On our second day in Italy we visited the city of Siena, a short drive from where we are staying. The city is situated on top of a hill however we parked outside the city at the base of the hill as navigating through the narrow and pedestrian infested streets with the Scudjo would have been laughable. The town of Siena is divided into fourteen different neighborhoods with each having its own flag and mascot. Twice a year the neighborhoods compete in a bareback horse race around the city center, called the Campo. From the Campo, we headed to the Museo di Santa Maria della Scala, the museum of Saint Mary of the Stairs. The museum included many Etruscan artifacts such as urns, fibulae, and axe heads; the artifacts ranged in date from the archaic era through the Iron Age and Orientalizing era into the Hellenistic era. Since we had Mr. Carroll with us as our resident Etruscan scholar, we received what was tantamount to a guided tour, we learned about the Etruscan gods from stone urns, the differences in portrayal of faces to determine the origin of the artists, and many more fascinating details. After a lunch of delicious prosciutto sandwiches we headed to the Duomo of Siena, a breathtaking church of white and black marble with soaring gothic arches and littered with statues, both inside and out.  The Duomo had a single wall where it was originally going to be built to; the Black Death resulted in a more moderate building being built. The old wall was incorporated into a museum of the church and the path to the top still open, allowing for an incredible view of Siena.


DSC_0963 DSC_0980



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