Travel and Cosa- Day 1

We are a little out of order with this post, but it is an important one to get in there all about how we got to Italy and the drive up.

There were no problems with any of our flights getting to Montreal or getting through security at any of the airports. Because of this we had a lot of time to kill in the different airports. We spent it eating, reading, and listening to teens pay the kid games poorly. Our flight to Rome was a little underwhelming. We were shown only one movie, water was scarce, and it was a little bright on the inside. But we were happy to be on our way to Rome. Once we landed and got our luggage (which all made it thank God) we went on to our next adventure of the rental car. We rented from Europcar, which we learn is notoriously understaffed and known for their long lines. After 2 hours we finally got our car, the mighty SCUJO. He is a large white box shaped mini-van who dwarfs all other cars. It was a challenge getting him out of the parking garage full of tight turns but we made it. We took off north on the Via Aurelia and enjoyed the lovely coastal road and the countryside.

We were able to make a stop at the Roman site of Cosa, were the assistant director, Ann, gave use a tour of their current and past work there. They are doing some fantastic work in the bath house and making some really interesting discoveries. You should check out their blog here: to find out more about what they are doing. We took off north again and rolled into Vescovado di Murlo where we checked into our hotel and then walked to Murlo for dinner at il Libridinoso. At long last after a very full two days were finally were able to sleep in real beds for the night.


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