Expectations 2

Here are the thoughts and impressions of the other two students going to Italy:

I’m feeling excited, thought I don’t know what to expect. Which I suppose only adds to the excitement! I’m a little nervous though. I’ve never been outside of the country so this is an entirely new experience for me!



I’m very excited for this opportunity to participate in an archaeology dig, the chance to see firsthand how we learn about the ancient world; I think it will be brilliant to actively experience this ancient culture. I am nervous about working with something I have not done before and in a different country, where I do not speak the native language.



Clearly we are all really excited about going and cannot wait for take off. We hope you continue to follow our adventures in Italy and come back to hear what the boys have to say (don’t worry they will be doing future blog posts). Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on this new journey.


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