Expectations 1

As our departure date comes closer I have asked the students what they are thinking about as the countdown enters the teens (14 days left). Here are two of the responses.


My expectations of the trip are twofold. While being enthused for the opportunity to travel to Italy,  visit the museums,and learn about archeology first hand, I am unsure of how I will about spending two weeks with people I know only in the context of school, and an entirely new nation. Nevertheless, I am confident that this escapade will be an extremely formative experience, and I will embrace it with an open mind.
                                                                                                                              ​ Journalingly, Joey


Here’s my thoughts on the trip. I’m excited to really have an impact on history, having a first hand account of artifacts, as opposed to reading it out of a textbook. However, I’m nervous about being out of the country for two weeks and I’m sure that I’m going to miss my family. I am also slightly hesitant because of all the work that I will need to get done throughout the summer, from service hours to college essays and scholarships, not to mention Cross Country workouts and summer readings. It seems that the excavation maybe the harbinger for a hectic, chaotic senior year.


Thanks boys for your thoughts. We will be keeping our journal up to date as we proceed through the trip. Be on the lookout for the next post.



Mr. Carroll


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