My name is Andrew Carroll, I am a Latin teacher at Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado and staff member of the Poggio Civitate Archaeological Project directed by Dr. Anthony Tuck of the University of Massachusetts Amherst. This summer I will be piloting a high school archaeological program which will take place from June 19 through July 3, 2014. Four students will visit Vescovado di Murlo to work at Poggio Civitate, an Etruscan settlement 25 kilometers south of Siena, Italy.

Murlo in Summer Time. Credit-Andrew Carroll

Murlo in Summer Time. Credit-Andrew Carroll

We will spend the first four and half days of the program visiting museums and archaeological parks in Tuscany at Chiusi, Florence, Siena, and Grosseto to become familiar with the Etruscan civilization and the material culture of this area. The following week I will instruct the students to excavate in the field alongside the regular field school team as they learn proper archaeological excavation techniques. The final day will be spent visiting major archaeological sites in Rome to provide a broader historical context of the area. This program is designed to expose students to the field of Etruscan studies by immersing them in the history and culture of ancient Italy. By both visiting and working at historical sites these students will gain an appreciation for the Etruscan civilizations, an important part of the history of the early Mediterranean basin. As a major trading partner with the Greeks in the classical period and a major influence on Roman architecture, religion, and politics, the Etruscans provide an excellent introduction to the topics of Classical history.

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